Skyline Cages are the classic collection in the Rainforest Cage range these have been design for customers searching for a cheaper bird cage. The Skyline range is the economy range giving customers stylish cages at lower prices. There are five different models available in the Skyline Cage range so there is a bird cage that is suited to all sizes of birds from small through to large. The small cages are designed with smaller birds in mind like the Cockatiel or Conure. The medium cages are best suited to birds such as the African Grey, Amazon or Small Macaws. Whereas the large bird cage is aimed at birds like the Macaw, or the Large Cockatoo. Rainforest Cages have a firm focus on bring customers the best in production and design whereas the Skyline Cage range has a slightly different focus. The bird cages are still stylish in design and have the same powder coated paint finish but the locks and frame are slightly more basic. Thus giving you stylish, safe reliable cage but at a cheaper price. If you are after outstanding quality and price check out the Skyline Cage range.

Skyline Eden

The Skyline Eden is one of the most popular cheaper bird cages in the range. The Eden is suited to small birds like the Cockatiel or Conure. The inside of the cage is spacious and comes complete with two perching bars, four feeding dishes, a pull out tray and seed catcher. The birds safety is ensured by the slide across lock. The Skyline Eden is a well designed cage that looks fantastic and is powder coated to give an excellent finish.

Eden Play Top Cage

All Skyline Cages have a unique design and have been especially designed by avian specialists to give the best possible environment for your bird  at competitive prices. When purchasing a Rainforest Bird Cage you can be confident that you are buying a quality product at a great price. Zinc and lead free paint technology is used as standard and all the cages are easy to assemble with bars to support climbing for the bird. If you have any questions about the Skyline bird cage range please feel free to contact us on 01949 838103 or via our contact page.