Rainforest Cages are high quality parrot cages that have a unique design. All the Rainforest parrot cages have been designed by a team of bird enthusiasts with the focus of the design being on the birds welfare and care. The variety and quality of the parrot cages from Rainforest Cages are some of the best in the market. Their high quality and great design speak for themselves. These are cages that are built to last and that look great. Currently we are running a  special offer on our Rainforest Bolivia parrot cage. The special offers run from 1st February to 1st Match 2014, whilst stocks last. We are offering £15 off the sale price of this cage with the promotional code Bol15.

Rainforest Cages – Special Offers

Bolivia 1 Play Top Stone

The Rainforest Bolivia play top cage is available in either antique or stone and during the special offer period you can get an extra £15 off with the Rainforest Cages voucher code Bol15.This cage is a stylish, yet simple parrot cage and comes complete with perches, 3 feeder bowls and a seed catcher. The play top on this cage gives your bird somewhere to perch whilst out of it’s cage. The Bolivia play top also features two ladders, feeder bowls and a removable tray. This Bolivia cage is ideal for African Greys, Amazons, Large Conures and other parrots of a similar size. It measures H162xW61xL56cm. For that extra piece of mind the Bolivia cage has spring loaded feeder doors and a clock face lock to ensure even the cleverest parrot can not operate it.

Rainforest Bolivia Features

  • 5 Water & Feeder Bowls
  • 2 Removable Tray
  • 2 Perches
  • Wheels
  • Seed catcher
  • Removable Grill
  • Spring Loaded Feeder Doors
  • Clock Face Lock

Rainforest Cages – Special Offers Terms & Conditions

The special offer on the Rainforest Bolivia play top parrot cage is available from 1st February to 1st March 2014, whilst stocks last. To get an extra £15 off this sale item just enter the Rainforest cages promotional code Bol15 into the coupon box when you check out and £15 will be taken off your order. Please note that we reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time during the promotional period if we run out of stock. if you have any questions about the Rainforest Bolivia play top parrot cage or any of the other cages on our website please feel free to contact us.