Product Description

The Rio Grande is a beautifully designed play top cage by Rainforest Cages coated in paint which is lead and toxin free to ensure your birds well-being. It includes a perching bar and feeding dishes inside and has an arching top for extra space. Also featured are a safe clock face lock which insures your crafty parrot can be closed inside safe and secure, a spring loaded feeder door which ensure that food and water bowls stay exactly where they’re meant to be, a seed catcher and stand with wheels for easy manoeuvring.

The cage is powder coated to ensure an excellent finish. Suitable for African Greys, Amazons, Large Conures, Cockatoos, Macaws and similar sized parrots.


W 127 x D 101 x H 192 cm (external)

W 147 x D 121 x H 192 cm (with seed catcher)

W 125 x D 98 x H 176 cm (internal)

2.5 cm Bar Spacing

5 mm Wire Strength.

Suitable for: Medium to Large birds

  • Features:
  • -Feeder and water bowls x 4
  • -Pull out tray
  • -Wheels
  • -Perch
  • -Clock Face Lock
  • -Spring Loaded Feeder Doors
  • -Removable Grill
  • -Seed Catcher. (Please add an extra 32cm to the depth and width measurements)