Product Description

The Rainforest Parrot Triple Grand Breeding Cages are suitable for all Amazons, African Greys, small Cockatoos, Large Conures and similar sized parrots. This cage provides a practical safe environment for rearing young parrots. Including three wooden perches and six stainless steel bowls accessed by a swing out feeder system, a feeder door lock with spring loaded design.

The front door locks have a clock face movement design to ensure the door is secured. Three individual pull out trays and grills ensure easy cleaning.  This cage can be easily moved about on wheels.

  • Measurements: 
  • -Depth 76 x Height 190 x Width 100cm.
  • -Inside Height:  143cm
  • -Bar Spacing:  1.5cm
  • -Wire Stength:  5mm

Suitable for : Medium to Large birds

  • Features:
  • -Feeder and water bowls x 6
  • -Pull out tray x 3
  • -Wheels
  • -Perches x 3
  • -Clock Face Lock x 3
  • -Spring Loaded Feeder Doors
  • -Removable Grill x 3