Product Description

This large metal indoor or garden aviary from Rainforest Cages is made for the most challenging of parrots, from large Macaws to Cockatoos.  The parrot aviary includes a sleeping/resting house with an all metal construction.  The aviary also features a Perspex cover fixed to the house door to protect the inhabitants.

  • Measurements:
  • -House Specifications:  100 x 120 x 240cm
  • -Wire Aviary Specifications:  W 219 x D 158 x H 210 cm
  • -Bar Spacing 2.5cm
  • -Wire Strength 4mm

Suitable for: Medium to Large birds

  • Features:
  • -Feeder and water bowls x 3
  • -Perches x 2
  • -Clock Face Lock